Outside progress at the pub

Each day we do our best to cross another job off the list. For the longest while it seemed the list of projects ahead of us at the Fox & Hounds was much longer than the finished ones. But as we walk through the project now it is coming together. It will be an incredible body of work when we are done.
Today the weather was perfect to do a large sculpted concrete out front. The unseasonable heat wave we have been experiencing is now gone. Annie mixed for me today and I slopped on the mud and when it had set enough I started in on the brickwork. We finished with time to spare, allowing for a thorough cleanup which always makes the job look better.
Tomorrow will be a shop day and by the end of the week we hope to be finished all of the sculpted concrete handrails outside at last. Then it is down to paint. 
The contractor has finished the plasterwork and the tudor trim. It is looking pretty welcoming already. Up top the blank area will soon be home to a new dimensional sign which is underway in the shop.

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