Once upon a time…

Each sign and feature we are creating for the Fox & Hounds Pub does a variety of tasks. Branding, of course is the primary function. The signs must identify the business. As clients move through the space they must be reminded of where they are. The signs and identity must be memorable. But each of our signs also tell a story. We call it fictionalized history. It is all based on a true and believable story. 
The Fox & Hounds Pub history goes back, almost two hundred years, to England. When the pub was built in Aldergrove, British Columbia, some of the original timbers, from the original Fox & Hounds pub were used in it’s construction. This is the basis of our story. But like all stories it has grown richer and more elaborate with time…
The original founder of the Fox & Hounds Pub was a huntsman of course. When he came to Canada, back in 1812 (the year the British beat back the Americans in the famous war if that same year) he settled in the area we now know as Aldergrove. There were foxes a plenty in those woods in those days. He used the large timbers to build a small pub and named it after his favorite pastime. The little pub prospered through the years and was passed down from generation to generation. As the town grew the building was added to by various craftsmen. Some were skilled with fine tools, others were more basic and built of heavy, rough hewn timbers. Some built of brick, others were masons who used local stone. Through the years the family provided great service and the business prospered. As with every building that dates back two hundred years, some of the walls have settled a little in places. Not everything is totally level or plumb after all these years.
The artwork, signs and features are all in support of this story. Anything that does not fit is simply not there. Everything else does it’s job seamlessly.
The family crest that hangs over the fireplace give us plenty of information. A stylized fox and hound, typical of this style crest, flank the shield. The ‘P’ is for the Paul family. A crown signifies the ties to merry old England. The Latin phrase, PUBLICAN EXIMUS, speaks of the most excellent service the Paul family provided since the year of 1812.
The crest is now done. All we have to do is finish the fireplace where it will hang.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.