Cobbling together a name plaque

Ted’s name only has three letters allowing me to do something cool with his name on the plaque. Each letter would be comprised of individual boards.  The pegs that ‘hold’ them together would be built separately.  The vectors were drawn in EnRoute.
Each board was created as a flat relief, then rotated as necessary and positioned on a couple of wood grain bitmaps from my TEXTURE MAGIC collection. The bitmap woodgrains were applied to the reliefs. Then the individual reliefs were rotated back and arranged to form the letters once more. Then I used the up/down arrow to position each piece vertically. The pegs were then created separately and positioned in the same manner.
Then I created a background vector and used it to create a flat relief. Then I imported the splotches bitmap and applied it to the relief. All the pieces were then merged highest to form one piece.
As quick as that another name plaque was ready to send to the MultiCam.

Published with permission from Source.