A Beautiful Sign in a Beautiful Location

The designers and fabricators at Sign Design and Fabrication of Dahlonega, GA are true artisans that take great pride in delivering a sign to their clients that both delights and helps the register ring! Their work can be found all over the country, including the Aloha state.

Faux Mahogany and Ash Finish Applied to Precision Board Plus

SD&F was asked to design his sign, inspired by the popular 1970’s police drama named in honor of Hawaii’s status as the 50th state. Originally, the design called for the sign to be constructed of solid Mahogany and Ash, but that proved to be cost prohibitive and these materials are becoming increasingly hard to find. Instead, Wade Parker and his crew chose the superior machining characteristics of Precision Board Plus along with a faux finish to create genuine look of fine wood they were going for.

Sign Artist David Weeks took inspiration from the image of the iconic cresting wave featured at the beginning of each episode of the long-running TV program. “Using Precision Board Plus, we split the sign into three components”, says Wade. “The top level was CNC routed in 1″ Precision Board Plus and rounded off with a quarter round bit. Both this level and the 1.5″ thick oval backboard were primed and faux finished by our artists to look like real wood. This assembly was then mounted to a custom bracket we designed. The top half of the bracket in 2″ Precision Board Plus was permanently attached to the back of the display”.

To complete the effect of the sign, which now hangs in a dimly lit lounge on the Big Island, SD&F installed LED lighting around the back perimeter. Wade and his crew at Sign Design and Fabrication take pride in offering a variety of in-house services including sandblasted signs in high density urethane (HDU) and wood, CNC v-groove routed signs, custom business logo and lobby style displays, sign shields, awards and plaques, and custom architectural monument signs. Check out their website and portfolio at www.signdesignandfabrication.com.