Another name tag

For Melissa’s name tag I waned to try out the blending of the texture into the background – like I had done on Eric’s from the last workshop group. The difference was I would use the weave pattern. I first crated a domed oval. Then I applied a weave bitmap from my Texture MAGIC collection.
The next step was to create a second flat oval. The oval with the weave texture blended into the flat one when rendered.
I selected the textured oval, then in the front view nudged it up until I liked how it blended wih the flat oval.
 Then I created a flat relief with a height of .75″
This relief was modified with an oval relief. I domed the letter outline relief using the same angle as the textured relief. This modified relief was then nudged into position in the front view.
The reliefs were then merged highest .
 The last step was to create the prismatic lettering.
It was time to send the file to the MultiCam… routed from 30 lb Precision Board as per usual.

Published with permission from Source.