Thermoformed Likes it Turnkey

Thermoformed Plastic Products, located in the Air Capital of the World, manufactures Vacuum Form tools, Master models, CNC holding fixtures, Composite Layup molds and other tooling for many of the well-known aerospace companies.  TPP chooses Precision Board Plus and Coastal Enterprises to help them get the job done efficiently and on time.  “At TPP, we like turnkey.  We can order a custom-bonded block, or just order a block large enough, that we don’t have to take time to bond up large shapes before starting the machining operation,” says co-owner Chet Hunter.

Vacuum Form Fixtures


Ordering ready-to-machine, custom blocks and large sizes is just one reason why TTP chooses Precision Board Plus as Chet adds “Precision Board Plus is always available in a broad array of sizes, quick to machine, and easier to seal than other substrates.”  Call Thermoformed Plastic Products for your next fixture, model, or tooling needs at (316) 841-8398 or (316) 214-9623.

Vacuum Formed Tool PBLT-30 Custom Bonded Tooling Blocks