Piece by piece

Each day more and more pieces of the Fox and Hounds Pub are put in place and crossed off our to-do list. It feels good! The work we are doing on the outside of the pub is now done with the exception of the signs being made in our shop. It is looking pretty welcoming.
Inside the pub the hording walls and tarps are largely down. You can see from one end to the other at long last. Onside we continue our sculpting and painting. Each completed element adds to the whole. It will be an unbelievable place when we are done, chock full of magic! The bar opened to patrons and staff today to great reviews. 
The routed work that has been completed and stored in our shop is now being brought, piece by piece to the job site as each area is readied. Not so amazingly, they fit like they were made for their permanent home. Suddenly it is coming together!
Stay tuned for more pics as it comes together in the coming weeks…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.