One major stage done

The Fox & Hounds project has reached milestone as of today. Late this afternoon we mixed, troweled and carved the last of the concrete we will do onsite (at least on this phase of the project) . The last section was the back wall of the small stage.
To celebrate this milestone we are going to do a tour of the project. Each day I walk through the pub it makes me smile. The outside of the pub is the first thing we see as we drive up. tThe brick and wood work gives the first clue as to what is inside.
Inside the entry the ‘woodwork’ is like none you have ever seen. It is all sculpted concrete of course. The plaster areas have all been painted since this photo was taken but the hallways is so full of stuff I haven’t been able to take a picture since then.
Looking back towards the door is the entrance to the new restaurant. On the left side a brand new kitchen and food service area are now in use.
The restaurant is finished and awaiting the new furniture which arrives in the coming week. I can hardly wait to see how guests react the first time they set foot in this unique space.
As we venture towards the pub a 3D Fox and Hounds Pub logo greets us.  On the corner of every door and window casing is a dimensional logo of a fox head. Small animals and birds perch up in the trees. A number of foxes hide from the hounds.
As we press on we see the new bar on the right. Dark rich woodwork and sculpted features are the order of the day.
A twisted grapevine wraps the brick arch that serves as the entrance to the pub. We still have to do the final paint from this point on in most sections.
 Once through the arch we twist back to see the other side of the arch.
Inside the pub the old fireplace has been refaced to suit the new character of the pub. The family crest is the centerpiece of the display. Overhead a London rooftop dominates the scene.
The large primary TV stand also got the treatment. A Union Jack is chiseled into the brickwork on the bottom.
 There is much to come of course. I’m keeping the MultiCam busy and still building some of the signs that will hang in the facility. We have lots of paint to apply and plenty more details to yet add. But the onsite concrete work is now finished. The finishing stage is now underway at last!

Published with permission from Source.