The Barn Signworks: Traditional Craftsmanship From the Heartland

The Barn Signworks, in Greenville IN, has specialized in dimensional hand carved specialty signs for over 35 years. Mark Westra, Director of Operations, started as a traditional wood worker and carver and got into the sign business as demand started for quality workmanship.

By the early 90’s they started to substitute many of their wood signs with HDU, and over the years have tried all substrates. “Once we started to use Precision Board Plus, we were sold on a cost effective, high quality product for our exterior, as well as interior signs and displays” says Mark Westra.

“Its versatility, lamination capacity and adaptability to multiple uses, makes it a standard in our workshop. Whether it’s a museum sign that has to have carved gold leaf and resemble old wood, a municipal seal for a police station, or 4′ hot dog point of purchase display, we use Precision Board Plus to our advantage.”

Recently they were asked to produce several Fire Department Logos for the exterior of local government stations. Mark states, “Using Precision Board Plus, we made our patterns, cut out the designs, sandblasted basic details, hand carved and dimensionally reproduced the logos, finishing them in Porter enamels and 23k German Gold leaf to achieve perfect presentation of those department I.D’s.”

He goes on to say, “A project such as this involves many steps and a high degree of professional skill, and the results you get with Precision Board, give you a look like no other. We also offer our clients a full l0 year warranty on these products.”

Any questions about the type of work that Mark can offer, please call him at 317-485-6063.