Creative intake

We’ve extended our time here in central Florida to become a working vacation as we often do when we are down this way or anywhere far from home on business. While some like to lay on the beach or some other fun activity we like to do theme parks. As it relates so close to what we do for a living we even call it work and our accountant agrees. It is a time for creative input, and to see how ‘the other guy’ does it so very well. Down here the quality is high and the attention to detail nothing short of amazing! It is a great chance to learn from some of the very best in the industry. I also catch up on my reading while I relax. I’m well into my third book.
The first couple of days are time to decompress. Often we don’t realize how hard we have been working until we stop. But it isn’t long until I get itchy to get moving and as time goes on and as we go from park to park so I can soak up everything possible. I fill up the image banks in my head. Inspiration is everywhere. Pretty soon the sketchbook I always carry is vital to scribble down new ideas. Creative problems of my own unfinished projects are suddenly easily solved. In quiet moments I find solutions and ideas pop into my head. I scribble them down into my sketchbook.
My camera, always carried in a small pouch on my belt, is always out and catching images of everything I see. The images I grab are creative fodder for future projects.
For me, this is relaxation and input at it’s very best.

Published with permission from Source.