Inspiration adventure

Yesterday we stopped in at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. We wanted to check out the new Harry Potter section of the park.  We were not disappointed as it instantly transported us from the everyday world to Hogwarts and beyond. But in that section of the park there was little dimensional or routed signs. I hd hoped for more.
Once we had checked out Harry Potter I headed back out to my favorite and most imaginative part of the park – the entry portal. The signs and buildings there captured my imagination and fueled my head with new ideas and ways of doing things.
There was no way to know who had designed and fabricated the signs but I sure did admire them. Many parts looked to be routed. The signs used a variety of materials and methods and it was fun to try and figure it all out. You can bet I was taking notes!
Now I sit in the airport, exhausted but ready to go home once more!

Published with permission from Source.