Moving day

Moving day is always exciting. Today was just such a day.
Our new four axis MultiCam 3000 router is now in transit to our shop. It was time at last to disconnect the old machine and move it out of the way. It will be loaded on the truck as soon as we unload the new one. It is going back to MultiCam in Texas and eventually on to a new home. The old router has served me well for better than six years. With it we have created all manner of wonderful projects. It has run with virtually no problems. Our local tech center has done periodical maintenance, and tweaked the machine from time to time to keep it running smoothly. The old machine still works well and should run for someone else for many years yet.
It was with a tinge of sadness we emptied the room in readiness for the new machine.
My good neighbor Gord brought over his trusty forklift to slide the old mahine out of the router room and then bring it around to the main shop. I finish readying it for shipment there.
The new MultiCam is also a 3000 series 4′ x 8′ router equipped almost identically to the old one. There are two important changes. This spindle is water cooled this time so we can confidently run our long duration files without fear of overloading our air compressor. And along side the new machine will be the large fourth axis. An extended gantry allows the spindle to slide over to it.
The new machine is loaded on a flatbed truck and is somewhere between Texas and our shop as I type. Monday, or Tuesday at the latest it will be unloaded and carefully placed in it’s new home. I can hardly wait! Stay tuned for progress reports…

Published with permission from Source.