Safety first

I used hemp rope through an antique pulley to hang the barrel sign. I frayed and knotted the rope appropriately. While the sign was plenty secure I decided it needed a little more – just to be on the safe side. The eye bolt on the barrel was welded to a steel frame imbedded into the sign. It would go nowhere. I bought some braided steel cable with matching hardware to act as a safety. I threaded it along the rope, through the pulley and looped it over the beam before fastening it back to itself. It looked pretty good but the wire was bright silver and needed toning down to disappear. I used a small brush to dab a little dark brown paint on it. That did the trick with little effort. In the dim light it is all but is invisible.
The lighting is right for the mood we are creating but lousy for taking picutres. I used additional light to snap these.
Stay tuned for more around the pub soon…

Published with permission from Source.