here and there.

As the final painting is done we jump from project to project finishing various bits as the contractor and electrician signs off on each area. The progress continues to be a bit haphazard but definite progress is made on a daily basis.
Today I painted the lettering on the beam in the kitchen. Before the restaurant opened I jumped up on the counter and did the work while the cooks were busy behind me. By the time the lettering was done I was starting to get more than a little hungry after enjoying the aromas of the wonderful things being cooked behind me.
Across the hall way the owners and their staff were busy arranging the furniture in the new dining room. Although now done it will remain closed to the public until a final occupancy permit is granted – a formality at this point.
Many of the current guests, who have not frequented the pub since renovations were begun are now coming back once more. They are amazed at the imaginative work that has been done. It is heart warming to hear the many favorable comments from the patrons. 
We also finished sculpting the grape vine that winds around the brick archway onto the pub. I’ll be posting pictures of he finished project very soon. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.