A few more pictures

The electrician is coming to power up the new router tomorrow at last. Wednesday morning, early, I am off to Atlantic City for the presentation of my seminars there. All this means I won’t be doing any routing this week. Hopefully by early next week we will have finished setting up the mew machine and then we’ll get to routing once more. The work is certainly stacking up for the new router!
But in the meantime we are keeping very busy! We continue to work on the painting at the Fox & Hounds pub with only the ceiling to go now. The electrician and contractor are doing their best to stay ahead of us. My friend Donna stopped by on Friday with her hot rod camera to take a few pictures. She captured a few areas I had not yet got good pictures of. One of those areas was of the rusty steel bathroom dividers we created some time ago. Notice the crowns on top of the posts.
Donna aslo got a great shot of the pub fireplace area. Unfortunately there is still one sign missing…  almost done in the studio!
She caught me as I was sculpting the vine around the brick arch entrance to the pub. I finished the sculpt on Friday and Bec did the painting today, finishing off this area. I’ll post more pictures soon.
In the shop there are lots of signs in progress. All are down to the paint stage and I will get more work done in the next couple of days.
Stay tuned for more pictures soon…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.