How to apply gold leaf – Solidified Sunshine

The December issue of Sign & Digital Graphics magazine has an excellent article on how to apply gold leaf. Gold leaf is considered to be one of the highest forms of sign artistry due to the use of gold, custom paper writing service and because it is accomplished entirely by hand.

There are several techniques used by those “in-the-know” to achieve a picture perfect finish. Learn about them all in the article written by signmaker Francis Lestingi, of Signs of Gold Inc., in Williamsville, NY on page 74 in the December issue of Sign & Digital Graphics, or view it on the web here.

Here is a picture of respected sign maker Cam Bortz of Finest Kind Signs in Pawcatuck, CT at a letterhead meet in Scotland applying gold leaf to Precision Board Plus:

Applying gold leaf at Dan Sawatzky’s sign workshop. Dan is the owner of The Imagination Corporation, headquartered in Chilliwack, Canada.