Almost ready!

Today was a day for which I’ve been waiting for a long while. Shawn Kirsch, a tech from MultiCam came to the shop to start in on setting up our new machine. We swung the gantry into position, bolted it down and and then he leveled the machine before doing hookups and dialing in the various parts. Shawn has done this job lots of times previous and it didn’t take long to do his job. 
Once everything was right with the main router it was time to focus on the rotary attachment. Shawn first set it up and then dialed it in until it was perfect. 
As Shawn worked he explained things in detail to me. Although I’ve been using a similar 3000 Series MultiCam for six years this was a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the top technicians in the industry. Sean is a down to earth fellow, who explains it all in real english. I had asked him to explain it all to me like I was brand new to routers in the hope I would become better at operating the machine in the future. I have so much to learn, even after six years. And learn I did.
While we were at it the new router got a new computer in the office.  It will be linked with the router alone. It’s sole task will be to serve the files to the router. The latest MultiCam software will be installed. A shiny new cable between the computer and router completed the package.
The machine is now set up and running. Tomorrow the actual routing adventure begins… 
Stay tuned.

Published with permission from Source.