Sign comes to life with color!

The two signs are being worked on simultaneously with progress being about equal. Similar but not the same, I’ll let the client choose the one they want and I’ll hand the other in our showroom as a sample to encourage future sales of this kind of sign.
The paint started with Coastal Enterprises heavy bodied primer FSC-88 WB. As is my style I brushed in on with a small brush, purposely leaving brush stroked behind. This adds character and goes a long way to making the sign look hand made.
I used Modern Master’s Acrylic Scenic paint for the base coats. It was also brushed on by hand. I worked with a very limited pallet, custom mixing my colors as I went. The gold paint is from Modern Masters Metallic line of paints.
I worked on the top portion of the sign initially as I like to splash paint around. Once the top part is done I’ll start in on the bottom portion. Next up is the glazing process.
Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.