Two more pics

Today we had company and went for lunch at the Fox & hounds Pub. I was delighted to see the place buzzing. I sat facing the door and watched people as they came in. It was obvious who was new or hadn’t been there since the renovation. As they entered they would smile and I could see the delight in their faces. As they enjoyed their dinner they were rubber necking and pointing out various signs and features as they took notice. The place felt warm and inviting – just as it had been designed to do. 
Since the last time I had gone a light had been installed over the Rover’s Return sign making  photo possible at last. It looked good there. 
On my return to the shop we put the finishing touches to the Shady Rest sign. It is now ready to go to it’s new home.
Now it is time to get busy with the many other projects on the go in the shop…

Published with permission from Source.