Pure fun – without breaking into a sweat

Today we did the last of the routed interior signs for the Fox & http://www.kidzfoto.dk/best-writing-paper/ Hounds Pub. They were glued in readiness for the finishing in the next few days.
Once they were off the router it was time to kick the Lark Rise sign into gear. The horse’s head was the first task. It was routed in four layers of 1.5″ thick 30lb Precision Board. I then glued it up in readiness for some quick hand carving. If we were doing multiples it would have made sense to spend more time on the modeling and add more fine detail. But I would rather spend my time doing this work by hand – after allowing the machine to do the hard work – roughing things out. The horse’s head is about 16″ tall and 6″ thick as a point of reference. Once I have flattened the bottom of the neck it will be fastened to the round base below.
Stay tuned…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.