Details, details and more details

We are down to the final bits and pieces for the pub project. As they begin to operate for real in the renovated facility the need for an abundance of operational signs immediately became apparent. For these signs we opted for a faux copper look. The signs do what they are supposed to but blend into the scenery.
The files are simple but effective – still dimensional but not overly so. The signs are simple flat reliefs with a subtle texture (from the TEXTURE MAGIC collection) 
 The washroom sign reliefs were all built separately and then merged (highest) as a separate step. The front and back of the sign were build in separate pieces and glued tougher after routing. The eye bolts were welded to a steel rod which was laminated into the center for strength.
The lettering was added as a last step as a slightly domed relief.
The pieces were routed from 1″ thick 30 lb Precision Board. The signs were roughed out with a 3/8″ ball nose bit and the find pass on the MultiCam was done with a 1/8″ ball nose bit.
I sculpted the hand using Abracadabra Sculpting epoxy. It was all painted with metallic acrylic paints, then aged with dome dark brown glaze.
There were lots more of these small signs throughout the facility and the list seems to be getting longer all the time.
We also hung the Keep Calm sign today. It looks at home in its final place.

Published with permission from Source.