A weird shaped block

This whole fourth axis routing thing is forcing me to think in brand new ways. Being all new means I really have to work at getting it right. I’m sure that over time it will become familiar and quicker. Knowing EnRoute means I don’t have to learn much as far as the program itself. But this was using EnRoute in a whole new way. 
The first thing I had to determine was how I would glue up the blocks with the maximum usage of my material. 
I decided to cut the blocks to shape in the top view as well. While it wouldn’t save much materials it would save a bunch of sawdust on the floor as I routed and perhaps a little wear and tear on the machine. I would cut a rounded center slot in the two center pieces to accommodate the steel pipe I would glue in there and use as a centerpiece to clamp to. This steel would also provide structure to the sign post. The center slot was created as an inset relief. The balance of the routing would be simple offset cuts. The MultiCam made quick work of this project. Each piece would be cut twice.
Once the MultiCam was done it was time to start gluing up the 30 lb Precision Board. I used Coastal Enterprises PB240 – a one part glue activated by a spritz of water. It expands as it cures so lots of secure clamps are necessary.
We are almost ready to kick the lathe into gear. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.