The color starts

With the carving and sculpting now done it is time to kick off the painting process. First the usual coat of FSC 88-WB primer from Coastal Enterprises. This smoothes things out a little and also is used to apply a subtle texture to the lettering by using a small brush on those areas. We set up a shop fan for a few hours to suck out the moisture. Then it was time to apply the first coat of acrylic paint. The post got an even coat of light brown acrylic house paint. It will be allowed to dry overnight and then it will get a second coat.
The sign was the second area to get some color. I started with a medium metallic grey for a base color. the sign background will darken up to almost black before we are done, but some cool highlights will shine through to give the sign sone sparkle. The 23K gold and bits of color will give this sign a lot of class. The same dark grey with black glazes will adorn the ‘sandblasted’ areas of the sign post but they won’t be applied until after the glazes on the rest of the post are done.
Stay tuned for more progress…

Published with permission from Source.