Butterfly house concept

This week has been largely all about our new house and other business matters. Not much got accomplished in the studio or shop so far.
The new house was very much in mind when we purchased our first MultiCam six years ago and also the new four axis model we just replaced it with. You can absolutely bet that it will play a large role in the creation of countless pieces. Today we were talking with a cabinet shop as to how we could incorporate many unique features into the cabinet, working hand in hand with their shop on various components.
Other features of the house will include wainscoting, chair rails, wall and ceiling trim, big decorative beams, railings, light switches and hundreds of other creative do-dads throughout. The software, router and modern substrates like the heavy weight Precision Board will allow us to do many things we previously only could dream of. These details are still a ways out from production on the CNC but with the final blue prints now being drawn it is time to think seriously about how we will do it.
So here is a teaser of the outside of the house as the final look is refined through the last stages…
Since my wife Janis loves butterflies we will be incorporating that as the theme throughout. I present the ‘Butterfly House’.
This is undoubtably going to be a fun project that will incorporate every single trick and technique we can muster. I am looking forward to it with great delight!

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.