More details

We are keeping very busy these days with the design of future projects. Unfortunately most of the projects are TOP secret for the time being – to be revealed in the not too distant future. In the meantime we are busy doing the last minute preparations for the Sculpture Magic Workshop this weekend. There more name plaques were finished today.
Doug’s received the last few details. Bec decided to pull out the stops with some finicky and subtle touches. The first was some orange paint brushed on to resemble flaked green paint. At first glance (and a second close look) I really thought the top paint had been scraped off. A dirty brown glaze over the plaque with a little iron paint and subsequent acid wash instantly aged the plaque making this ‘ancient’ alien artifact look like the real deal.
Dustin’s plaque got two more colors of glaze and after considering where it will most likely get hung we declared it done. It is perfectly suited to his business.
Kurts got the silver paint on the blade and then it’s final glazes. A little silver highlight finished it off. Everytime I see the short dagger I want to talk a little pirate talk – just for fun.
We have decided Chris’ name plaque will get a little variegated gold leaf to add some needed bling. Stay tuned for a peek at that one finished tomorrow.

Published with permission from Source.