All eyes on Orlando

This week is the International Sign Association show in Orlando. Sadly, I didn’t get to go this year. Some of the work we have done did make the show, showcasing the software, materials and machines we use to create our signs. This afternoon I received an email from my good friend Mark from Hawaii with a picture of the piece we did for Coastal Enterprises. Thanks Mark!
The task on this piece was to showcase a number of textures and faux finishes and make the Precision Board look like a variety of other things. No matter what the viewer may think, everything except for the pipe holding up the plane and bits of the weathervane are made from Precision Board. The challenge was to do it all in a space measuring two feet by two feet and not block the vision into the display booth. It went from concept sketch to finished piece in only four days.
I wish I was there to say hi to all my friends!

Published with permission from Source.