We have a plan!

Five weeks ago I posted the first images of some ideas for our planned house. Now it is officially a go with real plans and drawings in hand at last. Those rough scribbles I posted weeks ago have been revised, revised again and redrawn time after time getting closer to reality all the time. 
The real blue prints have undergone their last revisions and now are in final draft before being submitted for building permit. A series of engineers are looking things over and doing the last specs before the build begins. Test holes have been dug, trees have been feared, fences moved, underground utilities located and hour after hour of research into the latest materials and methods have been invested. It is all coming down to the wire.
As you can imagine the new house will be anything but ordinary. We plan to do our very best to combine, function with fun, green technology with imagination, and pull out the best house we possibly can for our specific needs. Our MultiCam, EnRoute Software and Precision Board will of course all play a large part in the outside and inside of the house doing everything imaginable and a few things not yet imagined.  We have no shortages of ideas and I’ll be chronicling it all here of course.
One of the first tasks we will do with the router is to create the fancy window frames (bucks) that will stay in place as we pour out concrete walls using an ICF wall system. With this system we stack up large styrofoam blocks much like lego, laying in the engineered steel rebar in place as we go. Then this is filled in with concrete. The result is a house that is much better insulated than a standard framed house making for a comfortable and quiet place to live. Because of the super insulation the house is really economical to heat and cool saving a lot of money in the long term. We built our house with a similar system nine years ago and we have no regrets. I would never build with wood again.
So stay tuned as another exciting routing and building adventure begins.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.