Slicing and dicing a large sign

A project that’s been in production for a while is a large sign for the gable of the Fox and Hounds. It provided some unique challenges – predominantly on account of the many layers and size of the sign. Here’s a quick mockup of how it will look when it is up.

We started with a logo I had designed . The vectors were far too complex to create routing files.

All the line work was first to go and then I reduced the fox to a simple outline. This work was done in Illustrator, the same program as I had used to create the logo.
I then imported the vectors into EnRoute and scaled them up to the size we needed.
Then I broke out and duplicated the vectors to create the six layers of the sign.
Then I sliced up each vector to fit on full sheets of Precision Board. 
From here on I’ll create a few reliefs for some bits like the lettering and flag background and then tool path the rest as cutouts. The routing didn’t take long. Next time I’ll be showing how we started gluing it all together. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.