Dimensioning a corporate logo

Most of the work we do is stuff I design. These pieces are thought out from first concept as a three dimensional pieces. For the new house project I am doing dimensional versions of some logos which I did not design and this means I have to translate their corporate looking logos into three dimensional form without destroying the integrity of the original design. 
The first thing I do is look at the design and decide what is flexible and what isn’t. Obviously the fonts and symbols are cast in stone as is the layout of the same. This only leaves dimension for the most part. The logo I am dealing with today is LOGIX, the makers of our foam concrete forms. Since they are slightly textured and we are dealing with concrete I decided to add a little texture through the sign. And I would raise the letters. The red blocks I would raise a little more. And I would round the corners of the sign to match the sign I did for Harold’s Contracting.
I found a decent bitmap version of the logo online. This I imported into EnRoute and did a quick trace. It needed a little tweaking but came out pretty good. I replaced the small lettering because it was faster than tweaking the many letters by hand.
I would route the face of the sign from 1.5″ Precision Board and then cut two more layers of 1″ thick board to laminate to the back. The center layer would be cut to accept a square tubing frame inside. I first created a flat relief and then imported the SPLOTCHES bitmap from the TEXTURE MAGIC collection. 
On this sign the lettering would have the same texture as the background so I next raised the lettering 0.3″ by modifying the original relief.
Then I selected the square above the ‘i’ and the red square below the ‘L’ and raised them 0.5″.  As quick as that the sign was ready to tool path and send off to the MultiCam.
The MultiCam is doing short work of the logo while we are busy on other things.
Stay tuned to see the paint going on these signs in the next few days.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.