Feeling foxy!

Today was the day we were to play with sculpting epoxy – the whole day. Sarah and Hailey did the mixing while I did the sculpting. I first pressed on a quick scratch coat and then crumpled up a heavy duty tinfoil to add bulk to the shape, getting it within 3/8″ of the final shape. I then pressed on another coat of Abracadabra Sculpt to form the skin. If necessary more tinfoil was added to bring things out further. Once I was happy with the shape I could go back and begin adding the final layer of sculpting epoxy and then used a sharpened paint stick to carve in the hair detail.
 We had a few interruptions but most of the day was spent on this project. By the end of the ladies time in the shop we had finished the fox’s head. Tomorrow the neck will be completed as well, making the sign ready for paint.
The fox is a little better than eight inches thick providing for lots of relief that will work great in the sunlight. The overall depth of the sign is a little more than twelve inches in total.
 The sign just looks bigger all the time. I know however from plenty of experience that once we get it out of the shop and hoist it up onto the building it will shrink dramatically.
Stay tuned for the finish of the sculpt tomorrow.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.