It grow on you

With the new house there are so many things going on and so many decisions to make. It is almost overwhelming at this stage but we are making great progress. The outside design is pretty much in the bag. The plans are now drawn and the engineering is almost done. We’ve picked various trades, selected many of our suppliers and done a lot of the prep work. We are only a week or two at most from kicking off actual construction. We have a giant excavator parked in the front yard and the digging in the ground has started.
Design work for the interior is now the focus of our attention. We are pondering the theme for each room and thinking of how they will relate to each other. We are looking at countless options for color and materials. The kitchen and great room/dining room are our focus initially. They are all open to each other and must work together. We have decided the wainscoting and trim will be a fun way to tie them together. this work of course will be done using EnRoute as the design tool, the MultiCam to create them. Much of the trim will be done using Precision Board as the material of choice. We intend to pull out all the stops.
Since the ceiling in the great room and dining room will be hugh and vaulted we have decided to use an upper decorative border. It will also go down the hallways and across the bridge that spans the living room. There are lots of details yet to be worked out and plenty of surprises in store of course, but Janis & I agree on the preliminary design. It will be a continuous twisted vine. LED lights will be imbedded into the upper edge to wash the ceiling in a soft glow. I’ve done a preliminary concept and now I have figure out how to design the file for the router. I’ll be working on that in the next few days and running some get pieces which we will paint and glaze up to analyze and then fine tune.
Stay tuned for more…

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