Warm and fuzzy

There is lots going on these days with projects in all phases of design and production. At the tail end of last month I showed how I built the routing file for the background of the wooly mammoth I had built at the Sculpture Magic Workshop. It will be a display piece for my studio. 
The ladies primed and painted the foist coats of base colors on the background panel and then I mounted the mammoth head. Once the head was firmly in place we gave the background one last base coat of paint.
We now can apply the glazes and then highlight the letters to finish it off.
I believe it to be so very important that we invest in ourselves by creating plenty of samples for our walls. These creative samples create atmosphere in our shop and act as great tools with which we can sell amazing projects in the future. How can we possibly explain the things we can do without display pieces that graphically show the things we are capable of. My personal goal is to create a new sample each month and raise the bar each time. It is a huge commitment but well worth the effort. 
The samples we have created in our shop over the last few years have changed the direction of our business. I’m a huge believer!
Stay tuned for more…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.