Open the big magic doors!

Today was a busy day in the shop. My winter students are now full time in the shop and our son Peter has joined us for the summer as well. This will ramp up production in a big way which is good for we have much to accomplish in the next months.
Today we completed a couple of signs and started a few others. The innotech sign was the first one completed. 
Then we opened the big magic doors real wide to roll out the Fox and Hounds Pub sign at long last. Since the day was warm and bright the final coat of blue could be done outside. Hailey worked on her suntan as she put on the last few strokes of paint.
Out in the bright sunlight the colors really shone. This sign is going to look pretty cool on the south gable end of the Fox and Hounds Pub!
Peter sis the sculpted fiberglass reinforced concrete chimney for the pub as well and did a great job too. it will be allowed to cure for a few days before we apply the paint. This is a faux chimney that will hide an old unused kitchen vent on the pub roof.
Once the big pub sign was out of the shop it was time for a sweep and clean before we start in on the next projects. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.