Moose makes trek home

It is always a fun adventure to deliver one of our projects. In this case the journey was short – only 400 feet up the road. We first carefully dragged the sign out from under the shelter of the porch. Then we hooked up a chain and lifted the moose from the attachment point we had built in from the start.
It was placed on my low flatbed trailer. We decided not to use the extended forks and so loaded it on the tail of the trailer making it a rather unbalanced load. With the short distance we were to travel it wasn’t a big deal.
We decided to put the forks on the bobcat and use it to balanced the trailer. Slow and easy was the order of the day. We arrived onsite without incident. My clients were all smiles!
My client had his big excavator onsite to do the unloading duties.
He gently lifted the moose from the trailer and swung it into position.
I unhooked the chain, unscrewed the eyebolt and turned in the cherry to complete the sign.
As quick as that the sign was installed. The client drilled in some anchor bolts, raked the gravel up to the sign base and tidied up the area in readiness of the crowds that would shortly arrive to watch the Yarrow Days parade. 
Ice cream anyone?

Published with permission from Source.