Which Precision Board Plus HDU Density Is Right For You?

Offering densities from 4 pcf. to 75 pcf., we often get questions from customers asking which density will work best for their application. This can be anything from sign making, mold making or sculpting, to using as a core material for marine applications.

First off, what is high density urethane? High-density urethane is a polyurethane substrate made up of millions of tiny closed cells. As the density (pounds per cubic foot) goes up, so does the thickness of the individual cell wall. Since the cells are not interconnected moisture cannot enter PB. This means Precision Board Plus does not warp or crack from water penetration, which is why it stands up so well in harsh weather conditions and exterior applications. Also, the fact that Precision Board Plus does not outgas makes it a popular choice for many tooling applications.

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