Lift day

As part of the beam project I thought folks might find the lifting process interesting – its an important and critical part of the process. Including this part will help readers se just how everything fits together.
We hauled the pieces from the shop at the back of the property to the front on our flat deck trailer. It took many hands to lift them on and off for they were heavy! When the crane truck arrived the real fun began.
One of the beam/trusses was for the back patio. It looks very high from the ground (where I took this shot but I still have to add five feet of gravel fill to this part of the project. With the old house in the way access is limited.
The front section of the house instantly looks much better with the beam/truss in place. The welded steel tree root structure is visible on the lower right side of the picture. We’ll be adding a similarly sized tree to the left side as well.
The house as a whole is shaping up nicely with the rest of the roof coming together. In the next days I’ll be designing and routing the eyebrows for over the windows.
And finally here’s a shot from inside the house to the patio outside. We can see a peek of the truss at the top of the window. We wanted to keep the roof high enough to not block the view to the mountains. the posts here will also be sculpted into knarly trees as well.
The fun and creative work is really just starting on this project. Stay tuned to watch…

Published with permission from Source.