All plugged up

Today I finally found the time to do the last work on the C & S Electric sign prior to painting. I was working from an existing logo designed by someone else. It looked pretty good but was designed to be printed and not rendered as a 3D design. I had to make some adjustments which I had the owner’s blessing to do. I showed how we created the routing file a few posts back. Today it was time to do a little sculpting.
The first order of business was to drill some 5/8″ holes in the sign to line up with the electrical cords we had routed into the sign. I cut some 5/8″ rod  and used my big hammer to put some slight bends in the two pieces. Then I rummaged through my scrap bin to scrounge up some pipe caps and some short lengths of pipe. I welded the bits together and then used some epoxy to glue everything together.
Once the glue had dried I pounded a rod flat to form the basis for the prongs of the plug. I welded them into place as well.
Then I used a little Abracadabra sculpting epoxy to sculpt the male and female ends of the plug. We’ll let it cure overnight before we paint it up tomorrow.
Stay tuned for the paint stage…

Published with permission from Source.