CNC house

The MultiCam has been busy in the last few days routing the many pieces we needed to create the vaulted ceilings in the upstairs bonus rooms, and the living/dining room. As the machine cut the pieces effortlessly it brought back memories of many hours cutting similar pieces by hand back in the days before we got the CNC router.  It is a whole lot faster process these days and much more accurate as well! With EnRoute software making designing of curved support structure quick and easy and the MultiCam making the physical process effortless and extremely fast we are doing things that could only be imagined previously.
As each batch came off the MultiCam I loaded the pieces onto the lawn mower trailer and drove them up to the house in front.
Some of our crew is working on finishing up the facia board. The eyebrow portions came off the router more than a week ago. We layered up two pieces of 3/4 plywood. Now we are stapling on diamond lath in preparation for a sculptured layer of fiberglass reinforced concrete which will resemble wood grain wood when we are finished. Today’s pieces will be screwed to the rear portion of the eyebrow facia and a matching piece to the wall. It took about a half an hour to design and cut  a whole sheet of pieces, something that would have taken far longer by hand.
Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of the pieces installed upstairs in the bonus rooms. The vaulted cringing structures look pretty cool! Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.