Marvelous Mixed Media Monkey: Soha Sign

Probably two of the nicest guys you’ll ever run across. Mike Starks owner of Soha Sign Co. has been making signs since birth, and Heath DeWallace creative director/artist was the only guy in his kindergarten class that did something with his finger paint other than eat it. Both Mike and Heath love a tough challenge and enjoy the process of implementing mixed media developing techniques for finishing Precision Board Plus. One of the latest jobs they completed using mixed media was a monkey made with Precision Board Plus, real (close your ears PETA) Bear Fur, and Bamboo.[divider_padding]

Creating 3d signs and sculptures from pictures and drawings are another specialty of the Soha Sign Co. Check out my buddy Frogger, this little guy was inspired by a drawing and then brought to 3d life by Heath, finally perched on top of another mixed media structure they craftily created.

Working in the great northwest can prove to be challenging when it comes to creating signage that lasts through the long cold and rainy seasons. They have their work cut out for them when it comes to mounting signs in that rugged environment. What Mike likes to do is build u-channel aluminum frames around the board and secure the frame using spacers keeping it directly off the wall which allows for the expansion and contraction of both surfaces.

From making toothpaste with silicon, ice cream from spackle, monkeys with bear fur, and over 22,000 signs under their belt it is pretty safe to say if you can imagine it they can build it! To see more signs from SohaSign, visit their website at