More steps on the crest

The wheat crown on the top of the crest was the next part of the relief puzzle. It like the rest of the relief would use a variety of tool in the EnRoute bag. The vector was fine as is with the exception of the two drop shaped pieces at each end. I cut and pasted two drops into place and then drew two shapes that cut them in half. This would allow me to trim them to shape in a bit. 

I forgot to grab a screen shot of the next step but I selected the top wheat shapes. I used the prism tool to make the reliefs. The drops and the bars of the crown were next. These elements were domed with a base of 0.15 inches.

The spaces between the drops was to be flat. I used the create relief tool for this task.

To trim the end drop shaped reliefs I created zero height reliefs These would be merged lowest to the drop shaped reliefs. The operation has to be done one piece at a time.

With all the reliefs created it was time to add them to the crest. I used the merge reliefs tool for this task but selected the add to command.

Then it was time to modify the base relief by adding to it using a bunch of the vectors. These were simple shapes – nothing fancy or difficult here.

This leaves only the bird and book to go. I’ll be whipping those shapes up in the next post.

Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.