Time Saving Tip for Sandblasted Signs: Art Sign Works

There’s something very interesting going on in Murrieta, CA. Art Sign Works has an ingenious way of saving time and money when working with Precision Board Plus.
They’re a very busy wholesale sign shop and though their company is small, it’s run like a well-oiled machine. Enrique, the Big Cheese, believes that to utilize his employees the best way possible, he lets the machinery do a lot of the work.


When they get a sandblasted job, such as the sign featuring the Aztec Calendar, they first CNC route PBLT-15 to the desired depth of the background, before sandblasting. This allows the sandblaster to be used for a shorter period of time, freeing up an employee to work on another paying sign. After routing, the sign will get a quick sandblast to get the required texture.

After priming and painting, Kevin the lead designer says they use 1-Shot lettering enamels “because of its vibrancy”. In the case of the Aztec Calendar, a vinyl appliqué was applied under a separate piece of PBLT-15, to not only save time on hand painting, but to create a 3-D effect as well. As with all their signs, it was then coated with 2 coats of clear coat to preserve the quality and luster of the paint.

Art Sign Works ships their signs all over the country and if you’d like to find out how they can help you, give them a call at (951) 698-8484. If you’re lucky, Christie will answer the phone. Besides being really nice, she’s very knowledgeable!