The Ultimate Protection For Your Precision Board Plus Shipment

In order to ensure that your Precision Board Plus HDU arrives to you in the same way it left our manufacturing facility, we take the utmost care to ensure its protection during transit.

We use only strong, high quality pallets. Sacrifice HDU sheeting is used on the bottom between the pallet and the Precision Board, top, and all sides around the shipment. This is to protect it from damage, dust, marks and scratches that can happen in transit. Each palletized shipment is also protected with V-board edge protectors and metal bands.

Each sheet is then stamped with the Coastal Enterprises logo, density, thickness and an individual serial number which can be used to trace it back to the exact date and batch from when it was manufactured.

Each standard size palletized shipment is also tightly wrapped with plastic shrink wrap. It also receives 3 metal banding strips around the width and 3 strips around the length of the shipment.

Lastly, pictures are taken of each shipment scheduled to leave our facility. These pictures are then forwarded to your distributor. Rest assured your Precision Board Plus shipment will arrive in excellent condition!