More Disney inspiration

We are soon going to visit Disneyland again. These folks create some of the most imaginative signs I have seen. During our visit ‘ll be sure to keep an eye out for router work. When I see it I’ll get as close as I can and take lots of pictures too, trying to figure out how they did it all, what materials they used and how it was put together. In the process I’ll learn plenty.  I’ll be posting some pictures when I get back for sure.

What is amazing is the detail of the signs. While one would expect the signs of major attractions to get this kind of treatment, the Disney folks also lavish this same kind of effort and creativity on the signs that advertise fictitious businesses or places like the lost and found in the interest of telling a story and creating an authentic sense of place. I find it inspirational. I want to do the same thing in the real world.

Here’s a few pictures from my last visit.


Published with permission from Source.