Making the sun shine

The giant sun for the Sunshine Homes sign was the next order of business. I created the vectors in EnRoute. The rectangle on the bottom will be used to cut off the round sun.

I used the dome tool and selected the constant height function. Since I would route the piece from a three inch thick Precision Board I entered a value of 2.6″  I would tweak it just under the final dimension of 3″ (top surface of piece) at the last minute.

The rectangle was made into a relief of zero height.

Then I opened the merge function. I selected the circle first, then followed the prompts to merge LOWEST.

To get rid of the unwanted pieces of the relief I used the slice function, effectively slicing the bottom of the relief off.

As EnRoute does this it leaves the original relief intact. I selected this one and moved it off to the side.

The sun rays were cut in two layers with slots cut in one of the layers for a welded steel frame. The three layers would be laminated together.


Published with permission from Source.