Is it a Bronze Casting or Precision Board Plus?

John Lacz Jr. at concepts3 gave his Precision Board Plus sign the appearance of an aged bronze piece without the expense and weight of a traditional bronze casting. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, concepts3 specializes in advertising, design and brand strategies.  The project shown here is a dimensional plaque made from Precision Board Plus.[divider_padding]

John sent us great pictures and they really show the amount of effort put into these beautiful plaques. Starting with a sheet of Precision Board Plus PBLT-15, he CNC routed it and hand sanded it to perfection. He primed it with LuminOre Dual Primer-Gray, and sprayed on LuminOre bronze material, which is a real bronze cold spray metal designed to give the look and feel of metal to whichever surface it is applied. Once it is dry, since it is real bronze it will have the same characteristics and must be polished to achieve the bronze, burnished look.

Enlisting the help of his father, John Lacz Sr., he used a hand-held buffing tool to bring out the luster. To get the aged look they desired, Triple S Chemical Products Green Patina finish was brushed onto certain areas, completing the aged look.  John chose to go with Precision Board Plus because of its versatility, reliability, and because he knew it could hold up against all weather conditions. This follows with the concepts3 philosophy to only use the best material for any given situation.

John Lacz Jr. has been involved in visual communications for many years. After spending time as an illustrator in the advertising world, he was attracted to the creating design with function, problem solving and hands on aspect of sign making and formed his own company, concepts3 in 1993. From concept to creation, concepts3 is hard focused on providing unique marketing material that will be noticed and stand the test of time. Creating visual marketing products such as logos, brochures, tradeshow graphics and signage they have built a strong reputation to provide the best possible product on time and on budget.

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