Splash of color!

Since the last post about the Sunshine Homes sign we’ve made great progress. The last of the welding was finished and the diamond mesh was all tied to the frame. The sign was looking pretty big and took a lot of real estate in the shop by this time. It was a long walk around it to get from one side of the work space to the other.

Troweling on the fiberglass-reinforced-concrete and then carving it meant we were in for a long day.  The thing about sculpting concrete is that once you begin you have to go until you are done. Concrete waits for no one.
Today, while he concrete began to cure we began painting the top routed portions of the sign that were routed from 30 lb Precision Board. The sign sure brightened up in a hurry.

We’ll be working on the top portion of the sign ver the next few days, adding more base coats and then final blended coats of paint to make the sun really pop. Lastly, we’ll add the paint to the rock work.


Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.