3-D HDU Signage: To Rout Or Carve?

Age old question: should HDU be routed or hand carved? Having both a CNC router, and an affinity for hand-carving, GrafiXhouse Design Studio owner Steve Kolacz is faced with this question quite often when working with Precision Board Plus. Being a huge fan of the artistic aspect of hand carving,  Steve more often than not chooses to hand carve rather than leave it to the CNC because it cuts easily and he can use any type of wood carving tools.[divider_padding]Precision Board Peanut

Recently, a peanut made for Logan’s Roadhouse, was cut from PBLT-15 on a bandsaw.  The edges were knocked off using 60 grit sandpaper and the intricate design was cut using both a hand router and a roto zip. Once cut, Steve used 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it out. The peanut was then primed and painted red, aside from the inside, which was coated with PB Resin mixed with beige lettering enamel.  The result is one sharp looking peanut!

Graphixhouse 2/ Precision Board

The “Soul Food” sign was CNC routed, specifically the circles and the letters.  Though Precision Board Plus comes in thickness’ up to 24”, Steve chose to layer several sheets of .5” PBLT-15 together, creating a true 3-dimensional look for “Soul Food.” The sheep hooves were made from 1.5” PBLT-15, and the letters were routed out of .5” PBLT-15.  All of the paint is latex, and only the hooves and sheep wool have clear coat applied to create a unique combination.  In conclusion, when it comes down to CNC routing or carving, it is up to you!

Grafixhouse Design Studio is located in Garner, NC and has been in business since 2002. More info about Steve and his artist background can be seen on our previous story about him here.