Just a few details on the router

On some projects we use our router for only small bits of the whole. A current project, a small dump truck built over a golf cart chassis is a perfect example. The routed portion of the project will be limited to an emblem on the grille and a dimensional sign on each side. It’s not much compared to the whole thing but it adds just the same.

As always it starts with a drawing.

The golf cart was in pretty good shape mechanically. We stripped the body off first. If possible I like to keep the mechanicals such as the gas/brake pedals in the stock positions. The steering wheel was relocated to the center and shortened. The floorboards were cut down to allow for a narrow body.

A new frame was built around the old one. The new body is built around this steel frame, leaving the original aluminum one intact. In this shot I’m testing the new seating position.

I then welded a pencil rod framework to shape the new body. Expanded lath was then tied to this framework.

The grill emblem was one of he few pieces of this project that were made on the router. 

A thin layer of sculpting epoxy was pressed over the mesh. It will get another coat which will be carefully sculpted to form all the details and body panels. The box of the truck was built over a sturdy welded steel frame.
The sides of the dump box were built in the same fashion. The photo shows the detailed sculpt of the hood, cowl and start if the detailed grill. This marks the progress to date but in the next few days this project will come together. 

I’ll post a few more pictures as we make more progress.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.