A Spectacular Metal Finish For The Long Run

Nathan Betts, owner of Final Touch Custom Millwork in Orangeville, ON, CNC routed a sign for MakeItMetal, the Canadian distributor of the LuminOre line of products. For this project, Nathan routed PBLT-15 and sent it to MakeItMetal, where they applied the LuminOre finish. Once the metal was sprayed onto the surface, a patina finish was added to the low areas and the high areas were polished to provide a beautiful lustre. Currently installed in the MakeItMetal offices in St. Catharine’s, ON, it will now age the same way real metal would.



A composite spray metal, LuminOre provides a protective, spectacular looking finish to many materials including Precision Board Plus. A fraction of the weight of solid metal, LuminOre will not corrode and adheres directly to the substrate without air gaps typically seen in solid metal. It can also be sanded, polished, wire-brushed, and acid washed to create the desired finish.