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LEC 7Being at the forefront of the Composites Industry takes years to achieve and serious diligence to maintain. Meet Leading Edge Composites, located in Nottingham, PA, a leader in the Composites Industry.

Leading Edge Composites has been in business for almost 20 years and is a full service fully-integrated design, engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Industries. Capabilities that include concept design, reverse engineering, prototyping and full-scale production enable them to accomplish just about anything the customer needs.


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Precision Board Plus is used by Leading Edge for vacuum form molds to create aircraft parts. Most of the parts are proprietary, so we cannot reveal exactly what they are used for, but what we can tell you, according to Mike Donaldson, Business Development Manager at Leading Edge Composites, is that they use Precision Board Plus for several reasons:

[list style=”list1″]• Availability of large sheets sizes
• High quality, consistent material
• Broad range of densities to address any requirement
• Machines very well and at a high feed rate



Leading Edge Composites is in the process of expanding and is looking forward to an increase in business growth throughout 2013. One expected area of growth will be in aircraft interiors. New cabinetry design and production will include aircraft interior veneers, panels, and consoles. All aircraft construction is completed by FAA certified vendors who closely factor in the weights, balances and ergonomics of all products they will install in the airplane.

LEC 13LEC is also an FAA-certified repair facility and many of the founding employees hail from a rotor wing background. Also IS0-9001 certified, they are committed to maintaining the highest level of professional efficiency for their customers. Be sure to check out their website at: http://www.lec-composites.com for more info.